No Church Inside

  • Location: Trani (BT), Italy
  • Date: 2017
  • State: Built   
The idea was born with the intention of creating and giving a conservative renovation project to a deconsecrated Jewish church, transforming an old warehouse into a prestigious luxury loft. The surface of about 100 sqm is divided into two levels, a ground floor and mezzanine. The ground floor of about 70 sqs has a height of 8 meters at the highest point, and is characterized by a keystone that refers to the typical masks found in the Castel del Monte. To access the mezzanine floor of about 30 sqm, a sculptural helical staircase in delabrè steel has been inserted, with a grunge and refined charm, in style with the finishes designed for the “No church inside” project. Most of the walls have been peeled and cleaned by hand, highlighting the tuff and historic stone. The contrasting materials used are consistent with the history of the place and above all close to the traditions of the territory, in a contemporary key. The presence of stone as a construction and finishing material influenced the choices of the project, placing the materiality and essentiality of the materials at the center of the design choices. With reuse and ecology as fundamental principles, all the design choices subsequently made have been based on eco-sustainability: air conditioning /air treatment systems with zero impact have been designed, both from an architectural point of view and from that of emissions (completely electrical system).