CVE House

  • Location: Bari (BA) Italy
  • Data: 2022
  • State: under costruction
The environment is characterized by timeless elegance, with a light wood floor that provides warmth and brightness to the room. The furnishings, in neutral colors, harmoniously integrate with the floor, creating a refined and welcoming atmosphere. A marble fireplace adds a touch of luxury and comfort. The dark wood wainscoting, with its simple and refined lines, embraces the walls, giving a sense of elegance and tradition. This architectural element adds depth and character to the environment, creating a delicate contrast with the floor and surrounding furnishings. On the other hand, the children’s room is an explosion of joy and color, dominated by vibrant shades of pink. The walls are painted with playful and imaginative backgrounds, while the furniture is characterized by fun and practical shapes, specifically designed to stimulate the creativity and imagination of the little ones. In this environment, the combination of elegance and joy creates a perfect balance, offering a comfortable and welcoming space for both adults and children.
CAM_10 SCURA - dimensioni grandi
CAM_10 SCURA copia