Fashion Factory

  • location: Barletta (BT), Italy
  • date: 2020
  • state: built
Sophistication, innovation, fluidity, and eco-sustainability: these are the principles underlying the project, starting from a 1970s industrial building located on the most important commercial street in the city of Barletta. The concept is based on the need to completely rethink the structure without eliminating the defining elements of the original architecture. The various spaces, divided by lightweight partitions, collaborate to create a single fluid space, adaptable according to needs. The strong presence of greenery inside the structure aims to make the workspace as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Numerous areas are dedicated to the psychophysical well-being of employees. The building, covering approximately three thousand square meters, is divided into four levels, a basement – intended for storage and merchandise warehousing – and three operational floors. The ground floor hosts the entrance, reception, a spacious double-height waiting room immersed in greenery, a bar, meeting rooms, commercial and accounting offices, a management office, and various relaxation areas for employees. On the first level, in addition to the management office and a meeting room, there are the style area and the showroom. Outside, a defining element of the project, consisting of a wall made of metal mesh and backlit frosted glass that delimits the style area. A large conference room completes the functional provision of the floor. The second level is entirely dedicated to the kitchen and cafeteria for employees. The latter opens onto a terrace embellished with a water feature and bordered by greenery. Once again, nature becomes an integral part of human life, even in the workplace.