• location: Trani (BT), Italy
  • date: 2021
  • state: built
Pescandalo, a slogan capable of tempting the boldest enthusiasts of raw food. The concept recalls dishes offered by this restaurant famous for sophisticated raw seafood reinterpreted in a minimalist fusion key. Pescandalo is located in the splendid Piazza Plebiscito in Trani, inside the historic Palazzo Soria, one of the most attractive areas of Puglia. The location was a strong inspiration: information was drawn from the past, the history of the palace, and those who lived there, and an attempt was made to connect the culinary concept with that of the space. The result is a dialogue between a place rich in history and tradition and an innovative project with minimalist traits. The internal vaults of the palace recall the shapes of the historical glass bell jars in which “santini” or preserved butterflies were kept. From here comes the intuition to evoke an external glass bell and bring back the same concept into the internal spaces, emphasizing the structure of the glass bell with a curved solid wood mesh covered in backlit sound-absorbing fabric. Pescandalo is about the past and tradition coming alive in contemporary design and good food.