• location: Molfetta (BA), Italy
  • date: 2016
  • state: built
Francesco Di Tullio, the creator of the RE’VERSE brand, has very clear what is the future of his brand and the commercial strategies to be undertaken, transmitting to the designer, what will be the stylistic choices to be developed for the coming years. After a careful research of the location, the opening of the new flagship store of the REVERSE group is entrusted to the design studio of Piertito Cardillo, where he finds the vision of Francesco di Tullio in a space located in the heart of Molfetta at the intersection of the shopping streets par excellence. The surface of about 80 square meters is developed in three volumes with cross vaults, characterized by the imposing height of 8 meters and wide openings that follow one another on the main streets. The new concept designed to transform the commercial vision into an architectural one, fully captures what is the soul of the space, exploiting its full capacity. The materials studied for the new concept RE’VERSE are warm and material, characterized by grunge finishes that determine sensations of high craftsmanship, just as the owner of the group wants to make it evident in the selection of his collection.
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