RS House

  • location: Barletta (BT), Italy
  • date: 2017 – 2021
  • state: built
House R is a 2017 project, spread over an area of 160sqm and is located in a condominium in the heart of Barletta (Puglia). It bases its identity on the details requested by the clients. The concept conceived for House R, in fact, revolves around the needs of a family (four members) who – having had previous experience in the design field – required a tailor-made project in the most “extreme of the term”. The requests and the spaces to be created were so “rigidly articulated” that the subdivision of the rooms took place in a natural way, removing the walls and leaving the furnishings bare. The materials used and the rational lines refer to the modernist style. The warm tones of graphite oak and the veins of Calacatta Gold marble create a familiar and welcoming file rouge. To combine the two materials, without departing from the modernist concept, we decided to create a Venetian seminato that had all the tones used in the project within the blend. The end result is an exploit of emotions that transport you to an environment where there is harmony and the desire to disconnect with the outside world … exactly the initial request of the client.