Stand Morph

  • location: Italy
  • date: 2022-2023
  • state: built
The Morph booth is characterized by a color palette ranging from off-white to gray to black, creating a distinctive and sophisticated atmosphere. Perfume displays are made of reflective steel, adding a modern and bright touch to the overall design, while dark curtains made of heavy fabric contribute to creating an intimate and enveloping atmosphere. The floor is covered with soft carpeting, upon which large black stones are placed, adding a contrast and texture element. This design gives the space an elegant and distinctive look, creating a captivating and suggestive environment. The overall atmosphere of the booth is shrouded in an aura of mystery and charm, thanks to the combination of dark tones and reflective materials, capturing the attention of visitors and inviting them to explore the world of perfumes in an intriguing and engaging manner.