V Loft

  • Location: Trani (BT), Italy
  • Date: 2012 – 2013
  • State: Built
A project for the recovery of an elevation built in a late eighteenth-century building. Located in the historic center of Trani, the space is divided into different areas by an imposing architectural element placed at the center of the 200sqm of surface. The client was determined right from the first meeting on the type of house he wanted to build. The prerogative was to create a multipurpose space, capable of hosting friends and customers at the same time, as if you were inside a relaxation area of ​​ a showroom. The amazement, the surprise of the users and the technological innovation in supporting daily actions were the cornerstones of the project. From these elements the Loft V takes shape, starting from the main prerogative: the multifunctionality of the areas. In fact, the concept comes from the volume “V” which dominates the entire space, dividing it according to needs, and going outwards creates a synergy with the actions carried out outdoors. The volume “V” made of microfloor was suspended from the ground and detached from the ceiling to articulate the entire space, subconsciously providing a subdivision of the rooms. All areas are adjacent to the “Volume” and are able to interact with it, determining a series of second areas.
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