Villa DF

  • location: Barletta (BT), Italy
  • date: 2021
  • state: under construction
The elegance and charm of the countryside are the backdrop to the project for a single-family villa located at the gates of the city of Barletta. Villa DF is immediately distinguished by its soft lines at times organic, which accompany the succession of environments marked like the notes of a French summer fragrance. The villa is spread over an area of about 350sqm divided on three levels interconnected by a sculptural helical staircase, which acts as a divider reigning in the background of the ground floor. The living room at the entrance to the villa is prepared for welcoming and socializing and is completely open to the garden, while the private area upstairs is intended solely for the owners. The basement has been designed to host playful and recreational activities. The accessories and products made to order have been designed to contrast the sensation of sharpness that is perceived in the curves of the arches and in the rounded edges. The accessories are deliberately contrasting with the context, and enhance the soft colors of the limewashed walls and the essences of the naturalized oak wood laid on the floor.