Waiting for the sun

  • Location: Italy
  • Date: 2017
  • State: Concept
Waiting for the Sun, in addition to being a reminder of summer and consequently leisure time, could be a hymn to the advent of products not yet on the market and therefore useful for outdoor recreation and leisure activities. “Gerla and Hiddenumbrella” are born precisely from the need to be outside and have the same comforts that we all know no longer give up. From this prerogative takes shape a family of products that in addition to improving the actions carried out outdoors, facilitate and visually upgrade the area. “Hiddenumbrella” is an outdoor umbrella, able to hide the tarpaulin inside, through a cylindrical structure. The closure of the tarpaulin therefore does not require the removal of objects present on the shaded perimeter, but is done in reverse. This intuition has evolved with the realization of the other components present in the WFTS family. “Gerla” is an additional element, attached to the aluminum cylinder, and acts as a shelter for various accessories, including two deybeds, a chaise and everything else that the user usually leaves on the ground or hangs on hooks under the tarpaulin (backpack, beach towels, jewelry,etc.). The “Deybed” and the “Chaise” designed for the collection “WFTS” and present inside the Gerla, were created specifically for this outdoor collection, and have new locking systems, easy to “mount” and with structures much lighter than what exists on the market today.